Invest in Rider Safety gear

Invest in Rider Safety gear

When referring to rider safety gear, it should be self-explanatory, however so many riders still get this wrong. Riding gear is designed to protect a rider while enjoying the freedom of motorcycling.  It’s indisputable that motorcyclists are more vulnerable then motorists.  Therefore the responsibility of wearing the necessary and correct riding gear, ultimately lays with the rider

Let’s look at some bare necessities.  Helmet, gloves, boots, jacket and riding pants.  Unfortunately a lot of riders spend all their money on the motorcycle and then choose to spend as little as possible on the riding gear.  This should be completely swopped around or at least balanced out better.  If you invest in good quality riding gear you will find that its life span can be anything from two to five years.  This time period is dependent on how you take care of your riding gear as well as its natural durability


Taking good care of your helmet for example requires you to service it often. Clean it with the correct product

More importantly make sure you never drop your helmet or sit on it.  Our helmets are designed to take serious impact once. Every time you drop it or knock it hard, you could be causing a hairline fracture that may damage the structure and support needed to protect your head.  Never buy a second hand helmet.  You don’t know how it’s been taken care of and a helmet’s padding is also a personal hygiene issue to consider.  When purchasing a helmet, look for one where you can comfortably take the padding out to wash it.  When choosing the right helmet for your head shape and size, make sure to ask a sales person’s advise. If such a person is not available, take three to five different types of helmets within your budget range and try the size on that fits you best.  Each helmet will fit you differently.  This is the best way to see what style/shape and size suits your head shape best.  A helmet should fit tight (snug) but not too tight for you start getting a headache.  Keep in mind that the padding may also wear a bit with time.


Gloves are reasonably inexpensive, but you still need to ensure that when you purchase a set of gloves you should look for a good personal fit. You must be able to open and close your hands comfortably.  I am completely against open finger gloves for the simple reason that you have no protection. In the case of an accident, even when we fall off a bicycle, the natural reaction is to stick your hand out.  For this reason I also recommend a glove with extra padding in the palm area.  You should invest in a winter as well as a summer pair of gloves.  Trust me you do not want to use your summer gloves in the middle of winter! Heated grips are great but it simply will not be sufficient

Riding Boots

When it comes to shoes, or as some would say, riding boots, in my opinion it’s an easier choice to make.  Consider whether you want, or need riding shoes that you can walk comfortably around with once you park the motorcycle, or a pair that is strictly for the riding purposes. It’s important to ensure that you cover your ankles properly and that the sole of the shoe has the necessary grip on slippery services.  Comfort is also a matter of personal opinion yet definitely relevant.  If you decide to where a shoe or boot with laces, it’s important to tuck them safely away.  Laces can knot around a gear or brake lever while you are riding and will prevent you from being able to use your leg for support to balance when you stop.  This can be extremely embarrassing but is easy to avoid


Our seasons also determine the ideal choice of jacket for riding. Some people prefer using leather jackets, and although it can be warmer in winter, it is a lot heavier to carry around then the cordura or kevlar jackets.  When buying a jacket you should consider a few important things.  A removable lining is ideal and easy to wash.  Velcro or clip sizing straps in the waste area as well as on the arm is a must.  This helps you to tighten or loosen the fit, depending on if you want to wear another top underneath.  Your jacket should never be too loose because it will affect the proper fit and positioning of the elbow and shoulder armour that should form part of your jacket

Riding Pants

Riding pants should firstly never cut the circulation in your legs. The riding position is already restricting some circulation therefore it’s good to ensure that the fabric fit is comfortable when sitting on your motorcycle. X-Kulcha seems to have a really good recipe here along with great passion for providing safe, durable and great looking apparel. Xkulcha also considers the knee and bum padding that you need for protection. They use a specialised soft fabric that helps with the circulation and comfort behind the knee, while they are also well known for some of the most stylish riding pants for men and ladies of all shapes and sizes throughout the different riding industries.

Choosing your riding gear should be as important and timeous to you as choosing your motorcycle.  Consider a basic ratio of 60{02c0c177ee4fd9beaa1f7860c90a8df2b6c3227773fff8a5ad31f40277892f83} safety, 30 {02c0c177ee4fd9beaa1f7860c90a8df2b6c3227773fff8a5ad31f40277892f83} comfort and 10 {02c0c177ee4fd9beaa1f7860c90a8df2b6c3227773fff8a5ad31f40277892f83} appearance.  Keep it clean, store it in safe place and never loan your helmet to your friend!

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