Serial Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Life Coach & TV Presenter

When thinking of women in motorsport in South Africa, one of the first names to come up is that of Wilmarie Janse van Rensburg. Wilmarie participated in motorsport at regional, national and international level for over 20 years. Some call her Superwoman while she’s also earned the title of being “the Fastest woman on two wheels in South Africa”.


Wilmarie’s racing and determination over the years have inspired both men and women of all ages

As a young sixteen year old she started working to pursue her dream to race. As the only female racer at the time, this took some physical & mentally challenging moments to earn her place as a respected and recognised competitor. Wilmarie chose not to be limited by the Father-Son stigma attached to motorsport, instead she pushed boundaries by going the extra mile to become the President of the SA Women in Motorsport Panel and started her own Rider & Driver Training Academy for Men & Ladies in 2004 (Speed Queen Racing Academy).

After 18 years of racing motorcycles and cars, she also decided to start a professional stunt company (SheDARE.com) for women in various extreme industries giving them opportunity to work and enjoy extreme challenges for movies and/or other entertainment opportunities.


Motivate, Develop & Inspire

Wilmarie’s infinite experience over the last 20 years as a woman competing in an extremely male dominated sport, and a young girl trying to build a future for herself against enormous challenges in the business world, allows Wilmarie the opportunity to provide a platform where she motivates, develops and inspires.


Wilmarie is known to travel globally to share her journey in “Making sure you stand out in the midst of challenging times. That you learn to adapt with change and create opportunities to ensure the success you desire for your business or in the workplace”. Wilmarie’s goal is to help employers and entrepreneurs understand and apply methods required to help develop their employees/themselves in order to get the maximum potential out of them. Wilmarie speaks from personal experience. This is what guarantees her talks to be life changing.


Cliff Central, #AUTOCENTRAL & Woema! Motorcycle Show

Wilmarie joined the incredible CliffCentral team in March 2014 to share her knowledge and experience as a Pioneer and professional racer in cars and motorcycles for over 20 years. Wilmarie then joined #AutoCentral, the first motor show for CliffCentral.com on 10 June 2015, powered by Auto Trader SA. Wilmarie is now the lady presenter for the biggest motorcycle show in Africa, called Woema. Woema is an Afrikaans program on KykNET channel 144 every Thursday at 17:30pm.